How much do PD Days cost?

The PEI Home and School Federation has three representatives on the School Calendar Committee, a committee that includes representation the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the school boards, the PEI Teacher’s Federation and CUPE. The committee’s mandate is to develop recommendations about the form of the school calendar, which includes the structure of the school day and of the school year.

The school calendar for 2012-2013 has been set, and so the committee’s current discussions are about the calendar from 2013-2014 and beyond, and, as discussions are in the very early stages, we’re starting with a pretty open playing field, so there’s lots to discuss and deliberate.

One of the things that’s been discussed a lot around the table is Professional Development (“PD” to insiders), and how to best integrate the needs for teachers and staff to learn with the school calendar. As parent representatives to the committee, one of the things we wanted to equip ourselves with to be able to contribute to the discussions was what the financial impact of “PD days” on Island families is. Not because we want to lobby for or against PD days, but simply so we can all be in a better position to understand their impact. 

So we’re running a tiny survey, on Facebook, which you’re welcome to fill in (assuming you’re an Island family).

We realize that a Facebook survey has its limitations, but it’s a place to start.


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Great Idea Peter

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10 years!