How many people are dying right now?

From my Dad comes a link to the excellent World Clock page, a snapshot of statistics about the state of the world in real time.


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i look at the fall leaves and think to myself saying this year is coming to an end.No more visiting my grandmother on christmas, no more seeing my cousin on thanksgiving,and to day is my mom’s mother’s 70th birthday soon it’s her turn. my dad’s mom died Janurary 18,2008 when she was 91.My cousin died of a horrible brain disorder.On this very day 10/10/09, I will make a mark in my backyard remembering that I was once here so when I’m a mother with my own kids I will remember that I lived here and I will till the day I die in my sleep.I’m 12 now and when I’m 70 like my grandmother today I will come back to this house and remember all the great things I did when I was 12 so I can die happy.

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wow! i did not know that!!!!