Gilless Girls

I’d never watched an episode of Gilmore Girls until Ian and Tessa told me that I should. And so I started, and it became a regular in our household, both in re-runs on W after Compass and the regular season on Global.

And the times they were good: the writing was quick and smart, the pop-culture references many, and the pace David Mamet-like.

And then came this season.


The plot has gone all muddy, the quirkiness has been excised, and the dialogue seems quick simply for the sake of being quick.

If I had to point to a single hinge around which things have gone all to hell, it’s the revivification of David Sutcliffe’s character as Lauren Graham’s love and Alexis Bledel’s father: his character was a “jealousy utility” play at best, and he’s simply not a textured or interesting enough actor to breath any life into the part. Everything else seems to have fallen apart as a result.

I haven’t de-DVRed the show yet, but it’s hanging by a thread.


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Ken on November 22, 2006 - 23:41 Permalink

From what I understand the original producers finished up with the show last season; then the show was bought and sold like a used Toyota, new writers were found to continue the plot. So there ya go. Gilmore more.

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Ann on November 23, 2006 - 14:17 Permalink

It’s true. The original producer left and my Tuesday evenings have been much the worse for it.

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Oliver on September 4, 2012 - 01:54 Permalink

Sophie and I have been watching it DVD nightly, more or less, and we’re starting season 4, whatever year that was. There was indeed a moment when I thought I would let Sophie watch it by herself, but either I became inured or it got better. My nose is still wrinkled much of the time, but then it has been more or less since the pilot.