Flex Mussels

Meanwhile, Rob Hyndman, part-time Islander and full-time Hyndman, thinks we should be eating Flex Mussels. I don’t have a taste for mussels, but you gotta say the website is snazzy, especially if you’re a member of the “short, snappy and to the point” school of communication.


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Kevin O on June 3, 2005 - 14:54 Permalink

A few days back the radio was noodling in the background when I thought I caught mention of lower life expectancy (I think they used the “C” word) for people who ate muscles. It seems they’d done their best to factor out regional differences in polution, lifestyle, and other factors but were left puzzling about what it is about muscles.

I know millions of people do it, but eating the entire body of a filter-feeder repels me. Add to that the sewer we’ve made of waterways and it is even less appetising. It would hardly surprise me to learn that bio-accumulation of pollutants is higher in such creatures and those who eat them.

Anyone else hear that item? (Radio Noon I think it might have been)