Fleet Center Internet Access Hint for Mac Users

This is only a guess, but it worked for me down here in the “unassigned media filing center” on the 3rd floor: disable IPv6 in your Network Preferences. Before I did this, I was getting the dreaded “self-assigned” IP; once I turned off IPv6, things magically worked. Don’t know enough to know why.

By the way, the wired Ethernet access down here on the 3rd floor is fast and reliable (unlike the WiFi, which, reports are, is quite flaky and seems to depend a lot on the location of your lap). Easiest way to get down here from up there is to take the elevator that’s just outside the blogger-area exit; get off on the third floor, and walk to your right until you see “Press Filing” on the door.

It looks like it’s possible to get access to the actual “floor” in some sort of rotating fashion. I’m going to try and investigate this next.


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Al Willis on July 26, 2004 - 23:03 Permalink

Having IPv6 on shouldn’t affect you Wi-Fi setup. However, you may wish to try renewing your DHCP lease. The Renew DHCP Lease button in 10.3 doesn’t seem to work reliably.

What does work is by putting something in the DHCP Client ID field and press the Apply Now button. That will renew your lease and probably get you a useable IP address.

— Al