Eleven Days Later

Circumstances conspired to leave you eleven days to read my update from Boston. In the interim:

  • Johnny and I returned from our trip to Yankee after a brief stopover in Boston that facilitated the purchase of 4 pounds of Catherine’s favourite coffee in the North End.
  • We hosted Ton and Elmine for dinner at the tail end of their month-long trip to Canada.
  • Oliver and my Mom and Dad and I took a short vacation to Louisbourg at the far end of Cape Breton. It rained the entire time, but we had a good trip nonetheless, touring the Fortress of Louisbourg (in driving hard rain that soaked us all to the skin; still impressive and fascinating, though), catching a musical revue at the Louisbourg Playhouse (which has an odd history) and eating well every night at Grubstake. We rented a two-bedroom cottage at Peck’s Cottages: inexpensive, clean, and well set up.
  • We made our first visit to Harmony House in Hunter River to take in a Bruce Guthro show. A great night in a wonderful new theatre (check out their calendar of upcoming shows; it’s a wonderful new venue).
  • I somehow missed a few months in there somewhere and forgot to pay for the fire insurance for our house, to register my car, and to pay off my Mastercard bill. Just now catching up.

At the end of August I’m back to Yankee for two days, then up to Thunder Bay for a family wedding, then back on the Island for the start of school. At the end of September we’re taking a 7-day family vacation in Iceland, at the end of which we’ll hook up with Olle and Luisa in Reykjavik (en route from Copenhagen) for the start of their Prince Edward Island adventure. In mid-October there’s Zap Your PRAM, which is shaping up nicely. And then Christmas.


Ton Zijlstra's picture
Ton Zijlstra on August 11, 2008 - 18:34 Permalink

It was great to meet up with you in Charlottetown, Peter. Elmine and I really enjoyed it all. Thanks!