Elections and Astrology

This week I’ve had my efforts split over two projects.

The first is a minor renovation of The Old Farmer’s Almanac website (we’ll be releasing it shortly). Part of my work on this project has involved delving headlong into the world of astrology — yesterday I coded up a feature that displays the current “moon’s position in the tropical zodiac” and today it was some code to display the “best days to…” (fish, camp, wean, etc.) based on astrological influences.

The second, introduced here, is our work on the Provincial General Election. I’ve been working on two fronts here: we’ll begin the process of data entry for the Official List of Electors next Tuesday, and I’ve been gearing up the systems to support that. And for the other end of the election event there are preparations for the presentation of results online and to the media.

I can’t imagine any two projects as different from each other as these two (although you could, I suppose, make a case that the partisan side of the electoral process includes aspects that overlap with astrology!) It’s an interesting week.


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oliver on May 4, 2007 - 01:35 Permalink

Well, you know when Nancy Reagan was first lady, a lot of very significant political decisions involved an astrological consultation at least. Some presumably to do with elections. I can’t remember the name of “the White House Astrologer” and am too lazy to Google it.

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Jim Bob on May 5, 2007 - 02:28 Permalink

Just don’t mix up the data sources from both projects, or we might have some interesting results for the almanac, and on May 28…