Downtown Charlottetown Grocery Update

I was down on Queen Street this evening, on my way to the Churchill Arms for dinner with Catherine and Oliver, and I popped my head into the old Carter’s building across the street to see how the renovations are coming along on the new grocery store.

To my surprise they’re making excellent headway: the wall between the two halves of the building has been breached and dry-walled, there’s a new floor installed, and coolers are set up along one wall. It looks like they could be open with a month.


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Nathan on May 26, 2006 - 00:12 Permalink

The store opened at 8AM today and I stopped in this evening.
- It’s definitely a grocery store and not a typical convenience store.
- It’s a little awkward in small aisles, but then again everybody was wandering aimlessly gawking.
- Decent dairy, produce, and meat for such a small store, but no Montreal smoked meat.
- The baked goods were limited and I couldn’t find any bagels.
- Many “Compliments” brand products as you would find at Sobeys.
- The prices appear to be similar to big grocery stores (not inflated).
- A possibly homeless man was in front of me buying a jug of windshield wiper fluid.
- Overall an attractive store inside and out, and since I live within walking distance I’ll certainly be shopping there.