Differences between Bilbao and Charlottetown

So we have arrived in Bilbao. It is 36 degrees and sunny here — like we magically teleported ahead by 2 months into summer. After a day of walking around Bilbao, here is what I have noticed (I cannot find the apostrophe on this Spanish keyboard, so I am forced to write without contractions — my first year Classical History professor, David Page, finally gets what he wanted!).

  • Everyone walks everywhere. At least on Sunday. We saw more families walking along the river this morning than I have seen in Charlottetown in a decade. Of course I never go outside in Charlottetown, which might explain part of this.
  • Everything is in Spanish. Chock this up to stupidity or North American-o-centrism, but I do find it odd that everyone speaks Spanish in Spain. Bilboans would not, I think, find it odd that we speak English in Charlottetown.
  • Everything is beautiful here. Manhole covers. Bridges. Mailboxes. Bridges. Trolley cars. Urinals. Sinks. Street lights. They say Bilbao is reinvented since the Guggenheim, but I think there must be a strong design ethic bred into the culture here, because you cannot get this beautiful that quickly otherwise.
  • As in Thailand, children are cherished. Interesting 24 hour contrast through Halifax (tolerance), London (annoyance) and Spain (warm acceptance). The mother of the owner of our hotel said that Oliver was perfecto — her daughter explained that she was saying that Oliver was too perfect to be a real boy.
Must return to hotel now and have siesta. It is 15.30h here, which I think means it is 10.30h in Charlottetown. Catherine said she thinks it is 19h. Forced to write in the European style by keyboard, not pretense. More as things develop.


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Rob Paterson on May 5, 2003 - 16:44 Permalink

Glad you have arrived safely.
How did you spend you intrerim day in London?

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Peter Rukavina on May 7, 2003 - 09:58 Permalink

The interim day in LON was an abject failure — we opted to take the bus from Heathrow to Stansted, thinking, naively, that the Stansted ‘neighbourhood’ would offer a day of distractions. This proved not to be the case and the result was 6 hours of airport time. If nothing else, we know Stansted like the back of our hands!

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Rob Paterson on May 10, 2003 - 15:13 Permalink

Poor you!