Dear Drivers of Cars

I realize it’s probably been a long time since you walked down a sidewalk. And it’s probably been longer still since you walked down a sidewalk on a slushy and/or rainy day. But surely your basic physics knowledge should inform you that when you drive your automobile into a slushy and/or water-filled hollow at the side of the road it will cause the slush and/or water to be projected onto the sidewalk that abuts the road and, if there are pedestrians — me, for example — walking down that sidewalk, then those pedestrians will become covered in slush and/or water.

I think I speak for all of my fellow pedestrians when I beseech you to use more care on days like today as you make your way around town: we will be forever in your debt.


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oliver on March 4, 2009 - 17:58 Permalink

I totally doused a woman in wet slush when I was just getting to know Madison and it had been awhile since I’d driven in a snow-prone city. It was a narrow, soft-shouldered road through a city park and she was walking toward me in my lane like conscientious pedestrians are supposed to do. We saw each other right away, and I was only going ten or fifteen miles per hour. Her face change like a women watching her date sprout mandibles and antennas in a movie. She dried out but I bear the emotional scars.