Danger Bay Debacle

Niagara Falls from the AirMy mother, who is quite young and beautiful, had a birthday recently.

My father, quietly romantic, decided to surprise her with a helicopter flight over Niagara Falls and assorted other dining and drinking activities (he had a lot to live up to: on a recent birthday of his Mom surprised him with a snap trip to Greenland).

While they were aloft my mother snapped some pictures, including the one you see here (yes, that is Niagara Falls) and the one of my brother Mike (along for the ride) you all read about here.

Looking at said photo of brother Mike, I was struck with how “Danger Bay” he looked.  And the result was the aforelinked Danger Bay, The Next Generation story.  In case you missed the sarcasm, or the resulting banter, this story was not true.

Now this kind of mistruth, you would think, probably wouldn’t be all that dangerous.  Embarassing perhaps, for those who believed it.  But only mildly so.

But hark…

If you search for keyword “Danger Bay” at Google, you will now find that the third most popular site on the Internet about the television program Danger Bay is this very one you’re reading.

Presumably, unless there is some exotic new resort in Mexico called Danger Bay, or one of the child actors from Danger Bay commits a crime, or they really do bring back Danger Bay, this will continue to be the case.

And so my brother Mike’s faux role in a new television series will go down in history.

And so I write this item (with, you will notice, copious references to the words Danger and Bay comingled) with hopes that it will rise higher in the heap and serve to erase my prior wrongs.


Steven Garrity's picture
Steven Garrity on March 22, 2002 - 21:48 Permalink

I believed. I even told people about it. This guy I know, his brother is going to be in a new Danger Bay! They were suitably impressed. I guess I can never talk to them again. In my defence, I had also heard that they are going to start a new Beachcombers series…

<sarcasm>Peter, maybe you should start using sarcasm tags.</sarcasm>

Al's picture
Al on March 23, 2002 - 14:21 Permalink

As “sarcasm is “a bitter or wounding remark” or an “ironic taunt”, I think your concern is seriously misplaced. I just thought it was a funny post.

Here is the stream of thought in full: “hah, hah,- look…funny picture…hah, hah…like brother in Danger Bay…hah, hah — huh, folks don’t get funny picture…hmmm”.

please don’t apologize for being funny just because people don’t all get it as fast as others — the world can’t be run by those who get jokes late and then get all resentful over being kidded. Steve Garrity sure wouldn’t — Steve is of the “remember the time Al ate the cheese ball with the sand and twigs I put in it” school of humour. Not that he ever did and not that I would now eat a cheese ball he ever offered.

christopher's picture
christopher on March 23, 2002 - 15:26 Permalink

…the world can’t be run by those who get jokes late and then get all resentful over being kidded.” er, I think that’s exactly who does run the world. I offer up Dubya in evidence. Given the probs he has with pretzels, he would be in real trouble with Steve’s cheese balls and he is doubtless, even now, checking the TV Guide for the “Danger Bay” revival listings.