Consumption 2014

Here’s a summary of all of our metered consumption for 2014. The electricity, heating oil (furnace, domestic hot water) and water are for the 2048 square foot house that Catherine, Oliver and I live in. The gasoline is for our 2000 Jetta and various rental cars. What isn’t included is gasoline used for business, or consumption in my office or Catherine’s studio.

Energy Supplier Consumption Cost
Electricity Maritime Electric 5,518 kWh $1,117.69
Heating Oil Coop Energy 3,710 litres $4,344.10
Gasoline Various Unknown $868.77
Water Charlottetown Water & Sewer 128,000 litres $408.73

Compiling this information was easy, as all of our bills are now sent electronically, and so I have them archived in Evernote (gasoline was the exception: I had to hunt through my MasterCard bills for gasoline purchases).


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Darcie Lanthier on January 7, 2015 - 10:40 Permalink

You could be an ideal candidate for Solar Electric PV Panels and Air Source heat-pumps. Unless you have a 9,000 sq ft home, you are consuming/paying far too much for energy.
My 2,700 sq ft home built in 1985 and added to in 1994 uses 15,500 kWh for all energy use including; heat, DHW, office equipment, work shop, pool pump...