Compass Moves Back a Full Hour

Bruce Rainnie announced on Compass tonight that the program will be moving back to a locally produced full-hour format starting in February 2007, with national and international news integrated in.

I imagine they will also use the opportunity to change the name of the show back to Compass (from the ghastly “cbc news at six” it has called itself lately) at the same time. Why not take this opportunity to advertise your support for the repatriation of the name with a class Canada Now. Compass Forever. T-Shirt. They make great Christmas gifts!


Nancy Brown's picture
Nancy Brown on December 2, 2006 - 00:29 Permalink

it is not clear if or when the CBC might provide more resources for more production of local television news.”
Speaking as one who has lousy local news from 4 local news station here in Washington D C , more resources, cameras, camera people, sound people, directors, producers amd reporters are really, really important. If CBC does not fund local news you’ll have the same local new we have…”all the worlds: trash, riots, dead animals, animals in trouble, car chases, floods and famines…nothing local at all but whatever video the station can buy cheap from anywhere. It will look just like ATV Live at Five in Halifax. There is more than enough news to fill one hour every week day eve on PEI but it takes people, equipment, and interested journalists (money) to bring them to you all. Local emergency radio facilities on PEI would be a big advance too. Remember Hurricane Juan when there was no local radio of any type all night long?