Charlottetown Overrun with Rowdies

The CBC Archives website relaunched this week. What was once a treasure trove is now a cavalcade of earthly delights. Including Charlottetown considers cameras to curb late-night rowdies from 1994. The video of late-nite Charlottetown in the piece make it look like New York City.

You’ll also find Life in the ferry slow-lane from 1968 and The Million-Acre Farm from 1978.

I’m not sure whether this is new or not, but the television clips, or at least the ones I’ve seen, appear to be WMV files that can be downloaded, saved, and then mashed up in Quicktime (which they would appear to allow).


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James on March 20, 2008 - 03:46 Permalink

Ah, the fearsome “Subway Gang” of the early 1990s…

The now-infamous welfare clients who were so powerful and mighty at Queen & Grafton during their junior and senior high years.