CBC + Strike = No RSS

This just came across the wire on CBC Prince Edward Island’s RSS feed:


They must really be on strike if the RSS stops flowing!

Best regards to my friends on the picket lines up on University Ave. We’ve got your back if you need it.


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Kevin O'Brien on August 15, 2005 - 18:50 Permalink

When there isn’t an active work-to-rule type disruption ongoing, a lockout seems the strangest thing in labour negotiations.

Management has the right to manage, but to lock out one of the most highly skilled work forces in the entire country — who’s job performance is not in question — just to resolve a difference of opinion, well… There is a public service mandate after all.

It would be fabulous if every picket across the country began bloging their day-to-day on the line.

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Me on August 18, 2005 - 07:45 Permalink

I cannot believe that it took PEI to figure out that the CBC lacks an RSS feed during the strike.

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Pat Masters on September 17, 2005 - 14:41 Permalink

In the little time that I have before my mind turns to complete mush for lack of radio journalism, political debate, edgy humour and real in depth news — let me plead for bringing back the CBC. Peter Newman would have been interviewed by this time, Brian Mulroney would have been on verbal attack, the UN renewal would have been the subject of much debate (how do I find out what Stephen Lewis thinks about all of this). I can’t believe how much effort it takes me to find out anything without the CBC. Rant, rant, rant.

Pat in Ottawa