Carl Phillis

Our friend and neighbour Carl Phillis has died.

I couldn’t tell you how I came to know Carl: I just kind of woke up one day and he was ever-present in my life; we would often find ourselves walking along Richmond Street together from our neighbourhood toward Queen Street, and would chat about whatever was on his mind that day. Reading others’ messages of condolence, I realized that I was but one of hundreds of people he had a similar relationship with: having a regular chat with Carl was something, it seems, many of us shared.

I also knew him as a potter, of course. And as an activist. And as enthusiastic Green Party volunteer (the last time I saw him was when we sat beside each other at the federal candidates debate at UPEI in October where we cheered for Darcie together; he had his sketchbook at the ready, as he always seemed to, and sketched throughout).

Carl was opinionated, passionate, an enormously talented artist, and the kind of person you treasure as a neighbour.

I will miss him.


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Leo Cheverie on December 6, 2019 - 12:48 Permalink

As always Peter, you seem to say the right thing at the right time. I deeply appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Carl - I knew him from practically the time I started UPEI way back in early 80s and appreciated his energy and passion that you captured. I was more engaged recently in his activism around EI and as that group stated in various ways that he was a kind, devoted and passionate activist and he will be missed. My thoughts are with his children Thomas and Eliza, his parents Chris and Valerie and his brother Paul, I will continue to carry Carl's spirit with me as I do his brother Peter. I was proud to have him as a long time friend.There is a memorial for him on Saturday, December 7 at 11 am at MacLean's Funeral Home.