Bruce and Boomer Say Goodbye

We’re here at the Civic Centre for the goodbye celebration for Bruce Rainnie and Boomer Gallant from CBC’s Compass supper-hour TV news, who both retire from the CBC tomorrow. There’s a big crowd of enthusiastic fans.

Back in 2003, I blogged about the brand new Bruce-Boomer partnership on its second night on the air; I knew we were in good hands when Bruce left a comment on that post the next day:

Enjoy reading your site and appreciate your critique. Rest assured, my goal will never be to ” Out Boomer Boomer. ” That would be foolhardy.

Remember, though, it is important to be yourself on air, and if that involves an occasional pun or quip, so be it.

Some will work, some won’t, but none will be offered in competition with Boomer. He’s and Island staple, I’m an Island rookie. Keep watching, and keep the comments coming. It keeps us on our toes.

Indeed we did.

It’s been a good ride, fellas. Best wishes for the future.


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Boomer Gallant Has Retired.
Bruce Rainnie Has Switched
Boomer Gallant Has Retired.
Bruce Rainnie Has Switched.