Brother Johnny Okay — Earthquake Hits Guatemala

My brother Johnny is in Guatemala on business, visiting the coffee fields with The Bread Garden, for which he manages a restaurant in British Columbia. Today a major earthquake hit the country and, of course, our first thoughts were to Johnny. Brother Mike in Ontario immediately fired up MSN Messenger when he heard about the quake and brought us up to date on what he knew so far, mostly from TV. We didn’t know where Johnny was, but then we remembered that he’d left a message on Brother Steve’s website, so we found out he was in Panajchel. Scant information on the web or about this place. Kept up to date using CNN, which was basically running the same AP wire story as everyone else. Mike got in touch with Johnny’s office, and talked to a guy who was acting general manager; no help. I tracked down the SEDAR filings for the Bread Garden, Johnny’s company, and talked to the [very helpful and nice] wife of one of the vice-presidents (found the phone number using Canada411); she promised to dig up the itinerary and get back to me. In the meantime, Mike heard from Johnny’s fianceé Jodi, who had been on the phone with Johnny: he’s okay, was in a bar when the earthquake struck, and is flying back Sunday.


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bato loco on September 2, 2003 - 08:17 Permalink

a controlled nuclear exploxion hit guatemala right in the tectonical plate or some thing like that„, becouse we want to get into belize that day„, what a coincidence„ you can call it geological war.. or wherever.. becouse israel was given us support and british offer us an invasion„ and usa sau how 2 big friends going to fight for this litle country„, we have to do some thing about it……. what a casualty…..