Boston — Dublin, 3 people, $1161

I’ve spent one of those frustrating “searching lots of different airline websites to piece together a trip” days. It’s like walking on a constantly shifting desert: not only are the websites often abysmally designed, but fitting together flights from disparate airlines so that they match up is always exhausting.

After a day of surfing through trans-Atlantic flights running anywhere from $800 to $1500, I stumbled across an excellent US Airways flight from Boston to Dublin. And booked it:

Travelocity Screen Shot showing Boston-Dublin flight

That’s $1161 CDN for three people, all taxes and fees in. That’s cheaper than getting from Charlottetown to, well, anywhere, in an airplane.

As I have to be in New England anyway to visit Yankee, we’ll be driving down to catch the flight, which is somewhat inconvenient, but worth saving $2000 for.

Dublin is attractive to us not as a destination (although I’m sure it’s very nice) but rather primarily as Ryanair’s hub: from Dublin we can get almost anywhere for next to nothing.

The tail end of this trip will take us to Copenhagen for reboot 8 (word on the street is that the reboot wiki is being skinned as we speak); otherwise, we’re currently scheming for what else we’re going to do.

Must stand up from keyboard now.


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Ann on March 9, 2006 - 14:44 Permalink

I would not miss the opportunity to hop on the train and go to Galway for a day.