Better Living through Shoe Repair

Do this. Right now. Please.

Go to your closet. Or your shoe tree (do people still have shoe trees?). Select a pair of shoes in need of repair. We all have them: the treasured pair of well-worn shoes that have fallen on bad times.

Sneakers and other plastic contraptions need not apply: we need something in need of repair that can, in fact, be repaired.

Now take these shoes and walk over to Currie’s Shoe Repair on Queen Street in Charlottetown. It’s on the west side, just south of Kent Street, near The Bookman. It’s in the basement.

Walk in the front door and down the stairs. And leave your shoes to be repaired.

They’ll probably be ready on Friday, or maybe early next week. You will be given a tag to take home to remind you. You will have a pleasant conversation with the owner.

Your life will improve immeasurably.

Do this. Right now. Please.


Rob Paterson's picture
Rob Paterson on December 31, 2003 - 17:28 Permalink

Reminds me of a joke. Man who is leaving Montreal to live in Toronto takes a pair of shoes into the little show repair store on the corner. As he leaves he tucks the ticket in his wallet. The move is hectic and he forgets all about it.

4 years later, he gets a new wallet for Christmas and as he cleans out the old one finds the ticket. The next time he is in Montreal on business, he goes into the store and sheepishly produces the ticket. “We haven’t used these tickets for years” says the grumpy cobbler.

Please go in the back and see” the visitor pleads. After more begging the cobbler retires to the back of the store. Cursing and banging noises are heard. Then an exclamation of triumph. Looking flushed the cobbler returns to the counter.

Black wingtips for a half sole and new heals” Questions the cobbler “Yes!”

Ready next Tuesday”