Austie Trainor Doesn’t Buy a Saxophone

You may recall Austie Trainor from such well-known blog posts as April is Poetry Month and Happy Christmas to All from my friend Catherine Hennessey — Trainor was, among many other things, her childhood Santa Claus.

This afternoon while rummaging about in some papers that the lads from silverorange pulled out of the Queen Street Commons attic next door I noticed this 1923 order blank for a Hohner Sax filled out by the selfsame Austie Trainor:

Austie Trainor Doesn't Buy a Sax

Presumably if the order blank stayed in a Charlottetown attic the sax never actually got ordered. The order blank itself is fascinating: the exchange policy is among the most complicated (but flexible) terms of sale I’ve encountered.


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Alan on March 12, 2009 - 21:32 Permalink

Here’s an ad with some of those instruments pictured. The glass-o-phone is a total ripoff. It’s just a bunch of glasses. Rip-o-phone if you ask me.