Art Houses: Becky Bradbeer

Friend of the blog, and friend of the Island, Nell Bang-Jensen is one of the creative forces behind Philadelphia’s Theatre Horizon, a theatre that is making the best of coronatimes by launching myriad bold new ventures, including Virtual Drama Experience for children, a move to Zoom for their Autism Drama Program, and a series of works presented from home called Art Houses:

Professional award-winning theatre artists are paired with local area households to create an evening of original theater. Each performance will expand on the concept of family in the era of quarantine and explore the sensational moments that can be found within the familiar every day.

The first Art Houses production is coming up on December 5, 2020 on Zoom:

Meet Becky Bradbeer, a fierce lover of theater, as she creates her own performance from home. Exploring ideas of independence, caregiving, and performativity while living in a body with cerebral palsy, Becky opens up the curtains to her vibrant life and the unexpected turns that lead to this moment in the pandemic. 

Better than your average Zoom, the work includes a package-in-the-mail:

Ticket holders will also receive a “mystery box” in the mail before the performance with contents chosen by Becky. These boxes will provide a tactile relationship to the performance, and mimic the surprise of a live show.

I’ve purchased two tickets, and encourage you to consider joining us in the virtual audience.


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vbj on November 11, 2020 - 17:30 Permalink

Lars and I will be in the audience too. Thanks for sharing.