All the Summer in a Day

Oliver and Catherine leave Tuesday for a couple of weeks in Ontario. Then, in mid-July, we all rendezvous in Halifax to fly to Berlin and we’ll not be back from Europe until August 26th.

Which meant that yesterday was the last father-and-son Saturday of summer for Oliver and I. It was rainy and chilly and not really all that summery at all. But it was all we had, and I resolved that we’d try to squeeze a whole bunch of our summertime activities into a single day.

We started at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, as we usually do on Saturday mornings, having our smoked salmon bagels and saying good-bye to all our regular vendors and friends.

From there it was out the Brackley Point Road to the Brackley Drive-in; it was the daytime, so no films to be seen. But I took the opportunity to shoot some new photos for the drive-in’s website, so it was sort of like going to the drive-in.

Next stop was a walk through the gardens at The Dunes and a look around the shops.

Then along the north shore through Oyster Bed and Wheatley River for a stop at the PEI Preserve Company for an unsweetened strawberry-kiwi iced tea on the front porch (where we watch untold hundreds of visiting cruise ship passengers pass through the doors in amazement) and a walk through the Gardens of Hope next door (if you’ve never walked those gardens you should; it’s a truly magical place).

Father and Son in Hammock

Down Route 13 into Hunter River and Hartsville and then the back way on the red clay heritage road to the Appin Road and out onto Route 1 to Victoria by the Sea where we had an excellent meal at the Landmark Café (I had the meat pie, which was fantastic, and Oliver had a grilled cheese sandwich, which he gobbled up quickly) followed by dessert across the street at Island Chocolates.

By 3:00 p.m. we were pulling into the driveway at 100 Prince Street happy and exhausted.


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Valerie on June 27, 2011 - 22:18 Permalink

The purple socks rock!