The Alibi Lounge: 4 Up, 4 Down

The Alibi Lounge opened recently at 77 University Avenue in downtown Charlottetown, next to Cedars and across from the Atlantic Technology Centre. I had lunch there.

The Good

  • Transformed interior: barely a hint of former life as failed Indian and Chinese restaurants.
  • The music is the best restaurant music in Charlottetown: perfect volume, excellent mix.
  • Friendly staff (although my jury is out on being called “darlin’ ” by someone younger than me).
  • Thai chicken soup: tasty, hot, homemade.

The Bad

  • Password-protected wifi (staff advice was to “use the open wifi from next door at Babas”).
  • Club sandwich was run-of-the-mill; hint of tarragon elevated it, but the poorly-toasted bread took it back down. It wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t change my life or leave me wanting to have it again.
  • The napkins are made of a silk-like fabric. Napkins should never by slipperly.
  • Fortune cookies: they taste bad in Chinese restaurants, they taste bad here. I get the irony, but how about something that’s ironic and tasty?


Ann Thurlow's picture
Ann Thurlow on July 7, 2009 - 18:49 Permalink

I must rise to the defense of the Alibi. My lunch companion and I had what we both agreed was an excellent meal there — I had a sandwich with brie and sprouts that was outstanding. Also very good coffee. which is unusual for a place that is, first off, a restaurant. Good pizza on Sunday — music in the evenings…it’s a wonderful place. Since I don’t use electronic devices at lunch or eat fortune cookies, I can’t comment on points one and four. But my fortune promised me a good day. And, after that wonderful lunch, I had to agree.

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oliver on July 7, 2009 - 22:45 Permalink

If the name “Alibi Lounge” is ironic, I’m not sure what’s the irony intended. You go there to avoid being where the real excitement is? If you’re seen there people can assume a bank is being robbed at that very second by associates of yours across town?

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cole lindgrave on October 8, 2009 - 21:31 Permalink

This is the most cosmopolitain place in Charlottetown. THe decor eclectic and authentic, the staff genuiely warm and the food superb.

It is authentic in the way a restaurant in SOHo New York or Belgrave in London is. We eat here regularly and are never disappointed. By the way there is no other venue in Charlottetown for music of this caliber.

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Ian on October 22, 2011 - 05:44 Permalink

The Alibi lounge is for sale, Is the alibi lounge closing?