In 1827 Beethoven died and our house at 100 Prince Street was built.

When I learned about this coincidence, I realized I have little idea about the order of historical events that are older than I am.

I thought the U.S. Civil War, for example, was back in the 1700s. It actually happened from 1861 to 1865 (just as Canada was creating itself).

I also thought that Bach and Beethoven were contemporaries. But J.S. Bach lived from 1685 to 1750 whereas Beethoven wasn’t born until 1770. So they probably never met.


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Yes, and it gives those years a whole different resonance in either country.The Confed Ctr had a private restaurant The 1864 Club. I always wondered why they’d call it that since it was a very sad year in my country’s history but realized quickly it was a very really good year in Canada. By the way, why does the CBC on its website today call the country Burma? Burma(h) is a great name but it isn’t called that anymore. And if I were going to smuggle anyone from anywhere I don’t think I’d like it on their website either.