Victoria Park Trail

Oliver and I needed to kill some time before Tai Chi Gardens opened yesterday, so we took a side-trip to Victoria Park. Turns out that, if can overcome your fear of chance encounters with urban orgies, there’s a pleasant network of trails running through the park’s forests:

Victoria Park Trail


Rob L.'s picture
Rob L. on October 8, 2007 - 12:21

I haven’t noticed as much activity at the “rendezvous” this summer, but I can say that where once no trail existed, there is now a well worn path.
I’m also happy to say the park is getting a lot more care and attention from the city. At the recent meeting regarding the addition of two tennis courts, there was a lot of praise for the Gary Schneider’s forest management plan (being implemented by Beth Hoar and staff), which is starting to show results. There were also calls for a master plan to lay out a future course for the park, suggestions for design changes, etc.

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