SARS on PEI Digest, April 1

Here’s the most recent news reported elsewhere on the presence of SARS on Prince Edward Island:

The Chief Health Officer has established a telephone line to answer questions about SARS. Islanders with concerns, or questions can call 368-4532.


Alan's picture
Alan on April 1, 2003 - 20:58

Driving down to Stratford and back on the 401 the last three weekends, the Toronto talk shows have been full of fear and questions. In contrast, the clarity of the public health briefings have been a relief. You have had to been involved with the original traveller, her family or a health professional to be [or died as] a member of the primary danger group. The report in the Globe which set out the events of one elevator ride in Hong Kong from which the Toronto outbreak spead was facinating. I still did not stop in the GTA for my Tim’s, though.

Rob Paterson's picture
Rob Paterson on April 1, 2003 - 21:42

Peter — as this SARS thing builds on PEI I think your site could be very helpful in clearing the news and providing a local body of knowledge

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