Prince Edward Island Revenue and Expenditure, 1864

From the 1866 Prince Edward Island Calendar:

Prince Edward Island Revenue and Expenditure, 1864


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Chuck on October 21, 2010 - 03:39

Incredible! By far, the majority of the taxation was impost duty (i.e. customs tariff), and almost all the expenditures are the kinds of thing I’d consider the proper role of government: roads, lighthouses, public lands and buildings, government and court offices. Not an economic development program or defined-benefit pension or sustainable energy initiative among them, though one does wonder about the money for the Royal Agricultural Society.

I note with some discouragement that the public debt was equal to a year’s revenue even then, but also that they recorded a surplus equal to nearly 13% of that debt, in a single year.

And they did this with a population of around 90,000.

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Ashley Johnston on October 22, 2010 - 00:46

Finally, something from 1864 worth restoring.

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