Plant, Glass, Water

Here’s a bit of office life-hacking that’s been working out for me: on the office windowsill I have our newly-acquired schefflera arboricola plant sited beside our newly-acquired in-office water jug ($3.00 at Sobeys). Every morning I come into the office, pour the plant a glass of water, and then pour one for myself. Not only does the water-plant-glass proximity aid in remembering to do this, but the everpresent “plants need water to live, and so do people” message reinforces my goal of staying hydrated at the office.

Plant, Glass, Water


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Lisa on April 12, 2012 - 16:42

Don’t water the Schefflera too much. Wait until it dries out between watering. So when you see the water and the glass, put your finger into the dirt in the pot. If it feels dry, water the plant. If not, wait. Repeat ritual daily.

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