My Summer Makeation

First you make the wood type:

Lemondrop Wood Type

Then, of course, you need something to carry the wood type home in, you so you make a type box:

Laser Cutter Fabricated Type Box

Another wonderful day in my “makeaction” here in Europe (see also the wood type I made earlier in the week and the Polaroids I took in Düsseldorf before that). Thanks to Jonas for facilitating today (he’s a patient educator) and to Elmine for getting the ball rolling.


Elmine's picture

Wow, improving rather quickly! Can't wait to see whether it will work on the press.

Peter Rukavina's picture

I am happy to report that the originally-too-tight-for-practical-use plexiglass lid has been rendered very useable by following the suggestion of friend Morgan to apply talcum power. Is there nothing talcum powder cannot do!?

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