Iced Cappuccino

Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino I am not a coffee drinker. At all. Never have been. However I'm fairly confident that Tim Hortons' Iced Cappuccino bears little relation to bona fide cappuccino.

That said, Tim Hortons' Iced Cappuccino is my current most favourite drink in the whole wide world, something that, given the caffine and other goo that drinking one pumps into my body, is no doubt to my detriment.

Curious to know what the nutritional value (or deficit) of the Iced Cappuccino is, I was happy to find Tim Hortons' Nutrition Guide [PDF] on their website.

And so I was able to learn that a 10 oz. Iced Cappuccino made with cream (apparently I have the choice of having it made with cream or with 2% milk) has 230 calories, 2 g of protein, 11 g of fat, and 87 mg of caffeine.

This compares to 78 calories, 0.6 g of protein, 4 g of far, and 106 mg of caffeine for a 10 oz. regular coffee.

If the on-shore flurry activity and general slush are getting to you, take a look at Air Canada's seat sale, announced today. There are quite good fares: Halifax to London return for $448, Halifax to Bermuda return for $358.

Oddly enough, the Tim Hortons menu item with the most total fat is the Garden Vegetable Sandwich, with 23 g (just a titch above the chocolate glazed donut, with 22 g). And to think I'd been ordering that as a "healthy alternative"!

The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans tells us to use fats and oils sparingly: they suggest a healthy diet contains no more than 30 percent of calories from fat. About 45% of the calories in a Garden Vegetable Sandwich are from fat; in an Iced Cappucino, it's about 43%.

WARNING: I am not a nutrionist. We suggest you consult a nutrionist before you stop or start eating Iced Cappucinnos or Garden Vegetable Sandwiches to determine if they're right for your diet. If you die a thousands deaths from drinking too many Iced Cappuccinos, we cannot be held responsible. But you will probably die happy anyway.


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how do you contact time hortons by email? What is the addy?
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how do you contact tim hortons? WHat is the email addy?
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I was having three iced capps a week! I think i was becoming addicted. So I decided to teach myself some control, So I went One Month with no Iced Capps. It felt good knowing I could do that. I dont need them as I did before. :)

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almost a tim hortons
can be made with regular coffee or decaf:
2 oz. boiling water
2 tablespoons instant coffee
2 heaping tablespoons sugar (or sugar substitute Equal)
4-6 ice cubes
1/3 cup 15% cream. (or chocolate milk...or regular milk)
Mix first 3 ingredients together to make a syrup, put into blender. Add ice cubes and blend until slushy. Add cream and blend until frothy.

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Great story Jo! I used to work at Tim Hortons and I know the exact recipe for an Iced Cappuccino. This is the recipe, and it is very good: 6 cups vinegar 3 large bananas 16 strawberries coconut water 1/2 cup sour cream 17 cloves of garlic 1 1/2 cups salt 5 hotdogs 6 Tbsps horseradish 1/4 cup ketchup 9 cups water 2 large bags, frozen beets 4 Tbsp cloves 1.5 tspn basil 3 small onions 3.5 oz cherries In large pot boil water and beets, until water has reduced to 1 cup. Remove from heat and allow to cool. In large sauce pan mix vinegar, salt, basil, onions, cherries and sour cream and simmer on medium high. Do not boil. Allow liquid to thicken. When liquid is reduced by half, remove from heat and allow to cool. When cool, place in shallow container and freeze. Remove when contents is slightly frozen, like slush. In food processor combine hot dogs, horseradish and ketchup. Process until well mixed. Next place garlic, bananas, strawberries, cloves and coconut water in a blender. Blend until smooth. Remove ingredients from freezer and place in blender. Place ingredients in food processor and place in blender. Remove beets from water and place in blender. Mix all ingredients until well blended and frothy. Serves five people. Enjoy!
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People Help me please, I spent a few years in Canada and I love an Iced Capp but unfortunately I had to leave Canada and still wanna make some at home due to huge addiction to it if u know the exact recipe please link or text it to my mail I would really appreciate it!!!!

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the only way i did that was moving to texas xD i miss them :(
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you are messed up stupid canadian

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Really? I hope no one is ever dumb enough to believe that. And you waisted your time typing that? Talk about having no life at all!

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lol very nice! ice capps are my fave too!
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yay and me too missay!
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what is the recipe for the iced capp?? i’ve addicted to ice capps from tim hortons!! respond to….thank you!!
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OMFG!!! ice capps are the SHIT!.. i know ice caps can be bad for you if you drink a lot of them.. but mannn their sooooo good.. and i speake for everyuone when i say this.. i remember when my friend didn’t like them she had a lil taste of mine.. we drink them all the tyme together:) I LOVE TIM HORTONS!!.
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Mmm…I get them made with chocolate milk, sooo delicous! I’m starting to worry about the addiction though…I can barely go a day without one!
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Oh I so know what you mean,Tried my first at concert with daughter,but from different place.Loved it!Then on way home stopped at Tim Hortons,got my first Iced Capp.I LOVE THEM.Have up to 2/3 a day & only 3 blocks away.Must move away.I’m a junkie.
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Hi, I sadly am also an addict of the ice cap…:( but just to clear it up….they are 250 calories as acording to the tim hortons web site…. i also agree there must be somthing in them to addict so many ppl to them…lol but it is nice to know that i am not alone:)
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Oh good god!! I LOVE iced cappuccinos!!! I think they put something in it to make it addictive, because I am totally addicted. I want one every day, and one is never really enough (I’m always DELIGHTED to finish any that anyone else doesn’t want :p) I suppose it’s a pretty decent addiction though if you’re gonna be addicted to something :)
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Addict here also lol and would love to have the recipe to make Ice Capps at home
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wat wat timmys up…this is the shyt rite now…no dout bout it…i remember last winter wen i was pregnant i us to kill hot chocolates…i never really raided ice caps…but ever since my gurl make me try one i was like whoa!!!…this is wat i was missin out on…nd ever since april i drink is ice caps…wow…wat wud we ever do without timmys!!!
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wat wat timmys up…this is the shyt rite now…no doubt bout it…i remember last winter wen i was pregnant i use to kill hot chocolates…i never really raided ice caps…but ever since my gurl made me try one i was like whoa!!!…this is wat i was missin out on…nd ever since april all i drink is ice caps…wow…wat wud we ever do without timmys!!!
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wait until you get a margaritaville margarita maker! by the way, it can also make perfect tim hortons iced caps. here is the recipe: COPYCAT TIM HORTONSICED CAPPUCCINO RECIPE 4 cups milk 1 cup non-dairy coffee creamer (Tim’s uses 18% cream!) 2 tsp. vanilla 2 Tbsp. instant coffee 3 Tbsp. hot chocolate mix 1/4 cup cold milk Heat the 4 cups of milk to boiling; remove from heat. Add creamer, vanilla, instant coffee and hot chocolate mix; stir well. Pour mixture into a container with a lid; put into freezer and freeze until very firm, but slightly slushy. Put mixture in a food processor; while processing, add the 1/4 cup milk in small increments to mixture. Process until all is combined and nicely slushy. The recipe is “supposed” to make 6 to 8 servings, but we won’t tell if it just amounts to one giant serving.
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I SOOOOOO want to try an ice capp, and I now I regret it. A friend offered me one, but I declined, as I was still playing the piano in my piano teacher’s basement. So she gave it to another kid instead. And now…well, now, I’m begging my parents for one!!!
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I am a bonifide Canadian from Toronto. I MISS MY ICE CAPs. I used to work for Bell Canada at the corner of Bloor/Yonge. Now I live in Kentucky, USA and the only thing that remotely resembles an ise cap is a cap blast from Baskin Robbins ice cream store. They have something similar at DQ but I did not like it and neither does my hubby. He is from Illinois and in the Military but guess what HE LOVES TORONTO. What is the receipe for the ice cap? I got something from the net but it is still missing something. ice cream or yogurt, ice, coffee, and sugar mixed in a blender or the bullet, topped with whipped cream it is ok but not great.

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