How to Make a Tim Hortons Café Mocha

It’s a rainy Sunday. I just ran over to Tim Hortons for a break. I saw “Café Mocha” on the menu, and my head immediately took me back to last week in Montreal where Johnny and I had cafés mocha and chocolate croissants on Mont Royal. It turns out that Tim Hortons has a rather different way of making a café mocha:

  1. Pour half a cup of regular Tim Hortons coffee into a cup.
  2. Fill the rest of the cup up with hot chocolate from the hot chocolate machine.
  3. Remove a special café mocha bucket from the fridge.
  4. Take bag of white gloop from bucket and squeeze on top of coffee/hot chocolate mixture.
  5. Take cinnamon shaker from bucket and sprinkle.
  6. Hand to customer.

The result? Something that tastes vaguely like a café mocha, albeit with a subtle undertaste of plastic wrap.