How long can you leave butter and eggs out?

Annie Copps, who’s both a cook and and public health veteran, writes about how long you can leave butter and eggs out of the fridge. I’m a fridge paranoid — I think that mayonnaise left out of the fridge for more than 2 minutes will kill me — so this is comforting information.


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I’ve always kept a stick of butter out on the table. It’s much easier to spread when soft. Just keep out of sunlight and make sure it is salted butter.
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I heard that in Australia, they don’t even refrigerate eggs at the grocery store, they’re just on shelves!
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I’ve seen non-refrigerated eggs in many places in Europe.
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They are designed to be sat on by a warm chicken.
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Last year, we received a lovely french butter dish made by a local potter. It is composed of two halfs. In one half you pack a small cylinder with butter and the other half you fill with water. When you aren’t using the butter, you tip it into the water and it stays soft no matter what the ambient temperature. I refill it probably once a week, and keep sticks of butter in the freezer until then.
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Eggs sold here aren’t refrigerated and in the case of the local corner store are open in a basket.
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We use the same system as Chris. It’s great. And to date our house is salmonella/botulism free.
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Wasn’t one theory about the collapse of Rome that they were not refrigerating their eggs?

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