Homburg Grand Goes Bust

The news has just come in over the wire that the Homburg, err, Holman Grand Hotel has gone bust and will close on Monday.

For those wishing a refresher course on how we started down this road, I invite you to read How did Charlottetown end up with a new hotel covered in beige aluminum siding? for the blow-by-blow from the initial announcment of the hotel in 2007 up to its completion and opening last year.

Surely the implosion of this “did anyone every actually think this was a good idea?” colossus should allow us to move on to a post-Homburg era here in Charlottetown. 

Let’s finish the job: close the crazy tunnel under Grafton Street, reinstate the name “Main Stage” on the Confederation Centre of the Arts theatre (what is “Homburg Theatre” now other than a reminder of our propensity to fall in thrall to the grand delusions of impresarios), and make a point of thinking twice before doing anything like this again.