Ampersand Cappuccino

I’ve have been remiss in not pointing out the virtues of Ampersand, the new café cum t-shirt shack on Water Street in Charlottetown. There were some fumbles as they found their way — my first visit I asked for sugar and was handed a big bag and a spoon — but the young rockers behind the counter are all learning the ways of the big machine, and they’re starting to produce some very nice coffee. Like this cappuccino made for me this afternoon by Megan Stewart:

07/12/2008 - Share on Ovi

By far the nicest place to enjoy your coffee at Ampersand is in the back garden: you’ll have to be content with tree stumps to sit on, but it’s a very pleasant space. You could also hold a small theatrical event in the cavernous and as-yet ill-defined upper level if so-moved.

The Ampersand vibe is far too cool and young for me to completely grasp, but it’s a welcoming vibe nonetheless, and if you’re looking for a place to escape from the everyday, hiding out down on Water Street is a pretty good destination.


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