iTunes Album View Colours

Until I read about it in this Panic Blog post I’d been missing one of the new features of iTunes 11: in “Album View” (just click the “Albums” tab when looking at your music) the background and text colours for albums is derived from the album cover art. Here’s some examples from my collection (the Coldplay and Rheostatics albums are particular nice):

Coldplay in iTunes

Rheostatics in iTunes

Tegan and Sara in iTunes

Jane Siberry in iTunes

From iTunes to Nokia Podcasting

If you’ve got a subscription list of podcasts inside iTunes, and you want to subscribe to the same podcasts in the Nokia Podcasting mobile application, it turns out that it’s a really easy transition.

First, export your iTunes subscription list as an OPML file. Just select Podcasts in iTunes, and the from the menu select File \| Export, and make sure OPML is the export format:

Exporting podcast subscriptions from iTunes as OPML

Next send the exported OPML file to your mobile device. You can do this in a number of ways; I use the Bluetooth File Exchange application on my Mac:

Sending a podcast OPML file to my Nokia N95

Then it’s as simple as opening the OPML file on your Nokia mobile, which will prompt you to “Import OPML file to Podcasting directories?” Once you do this import, go to your Podcasting application, and you’ll see a new directory, named after your OPML file, with your podcasts in it; you can then select which you want to subscribe to:

Importing an OPML file into Nokia Podcasting

Changing your iPod's Gender

At dinner with my Yankee friends last night I was called on to provide iPod technical support. Young Jamie’s iPod mini wasn’t being found by iTunes on his iBook when he plugged it in; it would show up as a mounted drive on the desktop, but he couldn’t get music onto it.

Turns out that his iPod spent a brief time, before Jamie got an iBook, as a “Windows iPod” and it seems that once an iPod has suffered that fate it is rendered unusable in the Mac world until it undergoes gender realignment.

The solution: get the latest iPod Updater from Apple, run it, and select the “restore factory settings” option. This will erase everything from the iPod, but leave you with a fresh, clean, Mac-compatible iPod. It worked, and Jamie is rocking out to Billy Joel as we speak.

Rukcast in iTunes

With the open day scaling pains over, it’s now very easy to get added to the podcast directory in iTunes 4.9. Here’s the entry for The Rukcast:

The Rukcast in iTunes

I needed a graphic, so I picked this photo from 2004. Appropriately enough, it was taken in the courtyard of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.