Spark on Digital Books in Libraries

Remember my travails with trying to borrow and then return a digital audiobook about learning Norwegian? Well in late February I recorded a short interview with CBC’s Nora Young about my experience, and CBC Spark has incorporated this into the introduction to a panel discussion about ebooks and libraries that’s a compelling listen:

My favourite quote from my chat with Nora, if I don’t say so myself, is “I don’t know what the answer is, but I gotta imagine that there’s a better way to deal with all this than prohibiting people on PEI from learning Norwegian for 21 days.” The panel that follows has thought much more deeply about these issues than I; it was good to heard the broader context.

Den Tweet som utløste

So remember that tweet from the Public Library Service here in Prince Edward Island? The one that ended up with me depriving the citizens of PEI of the resources needed to learn Norwegian?

Library Tweet

Well, Dan Misener, personable producer of CBC Radio One’s Spark, read the post about my travails and invited me into the studio this morning to talk with host Nora Young about the crazy system we have for library lending of digital things that’s mirrored on the sensible system for library lending physical things.

Listen for it as the “compelling personal anecdote” behind broader Spark discussion of this issue on an upcoming episode.

CBC Spark on PEI Energy Mashup

Remember my SoundCloud + Pachube + Energy mashup? Well I recorded an interview with Nora Young for the CBC Radio One program Spark this afternoon where we talked about it, and, in general, about mashups and APIs and ambient information displays.

Seemingly within seconds of the end of our interview, Dan Misener worked his audio magic routing machine and the raw interview’s audio appeared online. You can listen to our chat there, or in a SoundCloud-enhanced bootleg I created that has time-coded links to the things we talked about.

Spark Alert

Episode 120 of Spark, wherein I discuss the ins and outs of printing ebooks with Nora Young, has just hit the Internet. You can listen to it online right now. Or, if you prefer, on your radio on Sunday, September 19th at 1:00 p.m. Atlantic (times may vary in your time zone; check the schedule) on CBC Radio One.

If you’re really keen, you can listen to the entire uncut interview (the one with all the swearing and gratuitous violence left in).

Nora Young interviews Nicholas Felton

Nora Young interviews Nicholas Felton. Interesting listen if you are a fan of his work, or just interested in personal data publishing.