Dzintars Cers: A voice of strength, a voice of reason, a voice of the future

Dzintars Cers has two albums of delightful Latvian-infused progressive rock. This is amazing. That is all. (Go and buy them now: only $7 each).

(The “voice of strength” tagline is from Dzintars’s website, also awesome).

Reserve Accommodation by Radio

An eagle-eyed reader of the blog spotted this notice in the 1970 Prince Edward Island Official Road Map and Tourist Guide:

Catherine on CBC Mainstreet

Catherine spoke to CBC’s Karen Mair about her show in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery; listen:

(Embedded audio widget courtesy of A Better Embedder, which is really quite wonderful).

Den Tweet som utløste

So remember that tweet from the Public Library Service here in Prince Edward Island? The one that ended up with me depriving the citizens of PEI of the resources needed to learn Norwegian?

Library Tweet

Well, Dan Misener, personable producer of CBC Radio One’s Spark, read the post about my travails and invited me into the studio this morning to talk with host Nora Young about the crazy system we have for library lending of digital things that’s mirrored on the sensible system for library lending physical things.

Listen for it as the “compelling personal anecdote” behind broader Spark discussion of this issue on an upcoming episode.

Live Marine Traffic for Charlottetown

When I was crafting up the Is there a cruise ship in Charlottetown? site I inevitably came across, a website that aggregates together ship’s position information from receiving stations around the world and displays them on a map. There wasn’t any data for the Port of Charlottetown because there was nobody in Charlottetown sending the data; but over in the left corner of the site I spotted a call to action: Call to Action

I followed the link, and then followed the instructions to request a VHF receiver and antenna. And, to my surprise and delight, while I was away in Europe last month they both arrived in the mail. This morning I got things set up — really just a matter of attaching the antenna and power supply to the Ship Location Received (a SLR200N) and connecting the received to our office Internet router. And then, blamo, data started to flow to showing all the yachts moored down at the Charlottetown Yacht Club.

Here’s what the gear looks like:

SLR200N Ship Location Receiver at The Reinventorium

VHF Antenna at The Reinventorium

I’m Station No. 1218 at and we’re on the air now streaming ship’s position information 24/7 for the curious.