It's a one-day infomercial…”

The Minister of Tourism, quoted in The Guardian, describing what a visit to Prince Edward Island on a cruise ship is like:

“It’s a one-day infomercial for Prince Edward Island and we are seeing some of those visitors that are returning.”

I admire his honesty, but not his fondness for the genre.

Mostly because I live in the middle of the infomercial set, and those cruise ship visitors with their belching diesel buses and annoying horse-drawn carriages and vacant looks of expectant wonder add nothing at all to the experience of actually living here.

I think we should aspire to better, higher mechanisms of welcoming people to our Island.

QEH Evolves

I updated Charlottetown’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in OpenStreetMap this morning, as it has undergone quite a bit of change since it was first added there. I didn’t really grasp how much change had happened there until I did this.

Here’s what it looked like in OpenStreetMap before:

And here’s what it looks like now:

QEH After


From The Guardian, January 15, 1914, one hundred years ago today. No mention of a “Celebration Zone” at all.

Story from The Guardian, January 15, 1914

Peak Camera Getting Better

Here’s a photo I snapped this afternoon with my Firefox OS-driven Geeksphone Peak mobile phone.  The Peak’s camera, as Firefox OS has improved and Geeksphone has applied its vendor-specific magic, has improved from a partially-functional mess into something that can take, on occasion, quite good photos.


Our House is on an Album Cover!

There are very few historical photosgraphs of our house at 100 Prince Street in Charlottetown, and those that are tend to be photographs of something else – Trinity Church is just up the street for example, and sometimes our house is caught in a corner of a photo of the church. Our next door neighbour, at 98 Prince Street is much more of a “marquee” house, and there’s a lovely photo, taken in 1904, of that house that includes a sliver of ours on the left.

Today that house next door – “Houle House” – is divided into several apartments, many of which are occupied, it turns out, by members of the band Colour Code. And Colour Code has released an EP called, appropriately, “Houle,” with a detail from that photo on its cover (oddly, all of the versions of the cover I’ve been able to find online are cropped so that the band’s name appears as “Colour Cod,” which, now that I think of it, is a better band name):

Houle EP Cover

The original of the photo continues on to the left and includes much more of our house:

Of course when my band releases its album – I guess it will be called “Smith,” if we keep the same system up, after the Smith family that built the house in 1827 – we’ll crop 98 out and it will look something like this:

Occasionally we catch glimpses of the Colour Coders as they go about their daily lives on Prince Street. In that way it’s sort of like we live, say, next door to Arcade Fire. Very exciting, in other words.

Colour Code is having a release party for the Houle EP this Friday night, January 10, 2014, at Hunters, just up the street.