Nord, Sud, Est, Ouest

Oliver’s French class at Birchwood is studying language for travel – cars, planes, buses and so on – and that includes the language for the directions: north, south, east and west. Why do we travel but for to gather photos for later use as teaching aids: in 2009 we walked to the top of the Eiffel Tower and I took pictures of Oliver standing at each of the four corners!





A province that is not a province, but an agency of the federal government…”

This CBC television documentary hosted by Linden MacIntyre, shot in 1978 on Prince Edward Island, focuses on the “Development Plan” and especially the “Joint Advisory Board,” a 10-member federal-provincial committee that managed it and that, MacIntyre suggested, “works in secrecy” and was an affront to democracy. Regardless of how you view the issue, this is a fascinating at Prince Edward Island 35 years ago.

Note that the audio and video are out of sync for the first few minutes – until the introductory sequence – and then improve.


You know how Radiolab has Radiolab Live and This American Life has The American Life Live?

Well, I don’t have David Sedaris nor Neil deGrasse Tyson in my Rolodex, but all the same it occurs to me that it would be interesting to marshall the forces that keep this here in the air to produce a live. There would be 3D printing and artisanal coffee and letterpress demonstrations and Finnish anarchists and live-action role playing. And no face painting.  It’s not like I don’t have a theatre at the ready mere steps from the centre of my digital life.


Nørd Camp

Nørd Camp (“Geek Camp” in Danish) is a project of the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. In poorly-translated-from-Danish it describes itself as a summer camp where:

Every day is a new day filled with new challenges, tasks and not the least knowledge of the real Big Nerd spirit. Participants are involved in building projects, shaping them and test whether they work in the end. This will bring participants through many different things - everything from chemical reactions to build soapbox cars and final competition.

But it’s best understood through this video:

In short, it looks like the greatest camp on earth.

My Sexy New Firefox

I updated my Firefox Nightly and, blamo, this ye olde UI:

became this sexy new UI:

It’s called Australis and you can read more here and watch a video introduction here.