If every other parent is like me, then there are a lot of people secretly terrified of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. It is, in essense, a condition without obvious cause or opportunity to effectively prevent in which infants just die. This happened to Robert X. Cringely’s son Chase this week, and even though I only know him through what he’s written, and from his PBS television work, my heart goes out.

Workers in Glass Factories

Take a read of this <a href=,3604,628613,00.html”>article in The Guardian about VW’s new Glaeserne Manufaktur in Dresden. Then visit the website of the factory. Truly amazing.

(Be sure to check out the “360 degree experience” portion of the website: this is the richest QuickTime VR I’ve come across).

We passed through Germany (Frankfurt en Main) on our way to Prague in 1998, and spent 2 days there on the way back. Not much time to experience a country, save realizing that Coca-Cola costs $7CDN a glass. But I was overwhelmed with how much Germany has to offer the world, and how much we Canadians, still reeling in some deep seated way from WWII, ignore this.

When I was young, the evil bastards we all hated were the Russians, and the evil bastards our parents had hated when they were our age were the Germans. There’s no doubting that each country wrecked havoc on the world in its own way. But behind the historical evil lies amazing, complex and facsinating worlds waiting to be explored in the present.

More on Service

I propose that Maid Marian’s, a restaurant in the former borough of Sherwood, now part of Charlottetown, has the best restaurant service in Charlottetown. Their food is straight ahead “family restaurant” fare, and eating too much of it will probably cause you to implode, but they have table service down to an art, to the extend that most any other restaurant, by comparision, appears to offer no service at all.

If you have never been to Maid Marian’s and want to initiate yourself, go on Monday or Tuesday nights when they have “2 for 1” hamburger nights. Two people can dine for less than $5.00 and come away full.