City Cinema gets Reinvented

City Cinema Website The year after Derek Martin opened City Cinema here in Charlottetown in 1993, I approached him with the idea of creating a website to display the cinema schedule. Derek was game, and so was born, in collusion with Island Services Network, one of the first commercial websites on the Island.

And it’s been trucking along ever since, using fundamentally the same “show these films in a calendar” code that I wrote back then.

Last month Derek wondered if he could start selling advance tickets online using PayPal. I was intrigued by the idea, and eagre to upgrade the cinema’s website anyway, and today you can see the results: the new City Cinema website went live this morning at 2:00 a.m.

It’s not a dramatic reinvention. The main purpose of the site is to tell you what’s playing, and so we don’t bury that information under some obscure link, it is the front page of the site. I’ve widened the layout a little (assuming bravely that enough people have upgrade from standard 640x480 screen that this is now safe to do), tried to clean up the design some, added some links to the Internet Movie Database where appropriate, and, of course, have added the aforementioned ability to purchase advance tickets.

Stay tuned more additional upgrades in the days and weeks to come, a set of email alerts that you’ll be able to configure to tell you what’s playing.

In the meantime, please support Derek and City Cinema; while many other cinemas of this type have gone by the wayside (Wormwoods in Halifax was another client for a while, and I will forever lament the death of the Broadway in Hamilton), Derek has stuck by the project and made a go if it.

Toby McGuire

I’m getting a lot of traffic to this site from people looking for Toby McGuire. This is odd, because I’ve never mentioned him before. Indeed the only mention of the word McGuire is by from Matt McGuire from Tyne Valley.

In any case, welcome Spider-Man friends.

America Offline

I have an America Online account so that I can check to ensure that the email client operates properly with various mailing lists I maintain.

Yesterday I got a report from a user that they were having difficulty using AOL’s latest version, the much-touted “version 7.0,” with one of our sites, so I upgraded my own computer to this version so I could try to duplicate their woes.

This was a mistake.

Upgrading (if you can call it that) to this version of AOL installed all manner of crap on my computer, rendered Windows file sharing inoperable, and caused my Internet Explorer to think that it should dial out to AOL every time I clicked on a link (even though I’d configured AOL to know about my broadband connection).

I uninstalled everything to do with AOL to try and solve the problem, and this solved everything but the file sharing problem, which was only solved once I disabled the faux network adapter that AOL installs to let you use their service over an existing Internet connection.


Thinking outside the box

Some of the minimum qualifications for work as a flight attendant for JetBlue:

  • Willing to think outside the box to find a way to say “YES” to our internal and external customers.
  • Willing to be away from home 3-5 nights in a row.
  • No visible tattoos.
  • Maintain a neat and professional appearance.
  • Needs to pass a 10 year security background check and a drug test.
I would think that someone with skills and experience in the first two would probably not qualify for the last three.