Toll Free Number

If you’re like me and you run your own telephone answering system, you probably find that when you travel you end up calling in with a calling card a lot to check your messages.

There’s a service charge added to every calling card call you make, and they can add up if you’re calling in a lot.

It turns out that if you get yourself a toll-free number, you don’t pay the surcharge, and the long distance rates are the same.  And there’s no cost (at least from Island Tel) to install the toll-free number, and no monthly charge for it either.

I’m on hold right now signing up for mine.


Polyclinic: A clinic, hospital, or health care facility that treats various types of diseases and injuries. (from the American Heritage Dictionary).

Distance of the Charlottetown Polyclinic to our house: 214 m.

Places in the Charlottetown Polyclinic that we’ve visited in the past 8 years: the doctor who helped me with my first bout of carpal tunnel syndrome, Catherine’s OB/GYN during her pregnancy with Oliver, the surgeon who performed my colonoscopy, the surgeon who repaired the cartilage in Catherine’s knee, the clinic where we got our immunizations before our trip to Thailand, the place where we both got new pairs of glasses, Catherine’s physiotherapist, Lawton’s drug store.

And now, our new accounting firm.

I suppose you can consider income tax an injury.

How about a boat?

Friend Steve has an nice article on the Bangkok Post website today called Ever Think About Living on your Own Boat?

ePrintIt comes to Charlottetown

It seems we have a secret new addition to our downtown Charlottetown business community: ePrintIt.

Catherine went to Action Press this afternoon to get a colour copy made.  Their colour copier was busy, so they sent her across to the Dominion Building (aka “the old Post Office” / aka “where all those DVA people work”) and the Commissionaire there led her down a hall to ePrintIt’s Charlottetown office.

They made her copies, but seemed confused as to how much to charge her.  She said “I have three dollars.”  That seemed to make them happy, and they took her $3 and that was that.

Looking at their website, their quite technically sophisticated, and can accept documents for printing over the web.

Check the tape

Catherine Hennessey gets the Order of CanadaCatherine Hennessey doesn’t have a VCR.

Or rather she does have one, but it was built in 1972, weighs about 75 pounds, and doesn’t fit into her aesthetic.  I think she stores it in the barn at Cranberry Wharf.

Tonight the Discovery Channel is showing a documentary on the Hillsborough River, and Catherine wants a tape of it.  We have a VCR, and so she asked me to record it. 

She dropped off a theoretically blank tape in our vestibule this afternoon, and then left a phone message later on: “you might want to check that tape I left, I think there might be something on it.” 

It turns out that the “something” was “only” the tape of her induction into the Order of Canada last July.

We’re on the way to Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy a new blank tape.