Irving, Imperial and Competition

Can someone who understands the law better than I explain why, if the following sentence (from this CBC story) is true:

Under an agreement between the oil companies, Irving Oil will become the the distributor for all of P.E.I. and New Brunswick, while Imperial Oil will be the distributor in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Then this law which says, in part:

45. (1) Every one who conspires, combines, agrees or arranges with another person

(a) to limit unduly the facilities for transporting, producing, manufacturing, supplying, storing or dealing in any product,

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding ten million dollars or to both.

has not been contravened?

Queen and Country

Several years ago, both Leone Bagnall and I were on the board of the L.M. Montgomery Land Trust. I needed to get in touch with Leone about something, and I phoned her repeatedly over the course of several days and never reached her. “Where is she?” I asked myself in frustration.

The next night on Compass there was video of her receiving the Order of Canada in Ottawa. That explained that.

Yesterday I had business with the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut (never let it be said that my job is boring), and sent off an email requesting a reply as quickly as possible.

Today I received a reply with an apology that the matter couldn’t be attended to until next week because, well, the Queen was arriving today and everyone was preoccupied.

Queen and Country — always slowing me down.

How long has god been on the island?

After having ignored instant messaging for many years, I got the IM religion when brother Johnny on the opposite coast (of Canada) started working with me last year. We use a combination of MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and Jabber to stay in touch on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis. It’s saved us a lot of long distance telephoning, and has made it possible to work together.

That said, I have remained sceptical of the whole “group chat” thing — everything seems to go to hell in a handbasket when you get more than one person typing at a time.

If you need proof of this, witness this small lightly edited snippet of a longer instant messenger conversation between my brother , my mother and I:

Peter Rukavina says: Hello?

John says:  hello… its johnny

Peter Rukavina says:  Where did you get birthday photos?

John says:   Fran sent to me

Peter Rukavina says:   Mom, where did you get then?

Frances says:   Catherine sent them to me.

John says:   I saw God with the aubergine coat

Frances says:   Where has he been?

John says:   who?

John says:   God?

Frances says:   God.

John says:  in the sky, I suppose

Frances says:   no no

John says:  aubergine means eggplant

Frances says:   Did he live up to your expectations?

John says:   courgette means zuchinni

Peter Rukavina says:   Who?

Frances says:   I knew that too.

John says:   and cilantro means coriander

Frances says:   God.

Peter Rukavina says:   in the Aubergine Jacket?

John says:   yes

Frances says:   yes.

Frances says:   I thought cilantro was celery.

John says:   nono… coriander

John says:   celery is celery

Frances says:   I knew that.

Frances says:   How long has god been on the island?

John says:   ok

Peter Rukavina says:   For about 3 years.

Frances says:   Okay. You guys can go to work now. oo

I will stick to the telephone for complicated family conversations in future.

Amazing Race III

Tonight was the season premiere of Amazing Race on CBS. It looks like it’s shaping up to be another barnburner of a race, and I will again have to contort my life to always be withing CBS range on Wednesday nights.

As you may recall, Rob and Brennan were winners of the last Amazing Race. What are they up to now? Well, here’s one recent event, from the official Rob and Brennan Website:

Brennan (along with Alex Boylan, co-winner of AR2) will attend Movieline Magazine’s Beauty on the Beach party to benefit Ted Danson’s American Oceans Campaign/Oceana and to celebrate the launch of the Mermaids for Clean Oceans campaign.
This all sounds frightfully like the “Homer Bowls a Perfect Game” episode of The Simpsons. I expect, if it hasn’t happened already, that Rob and Brennan will appear, along with Elmo and Miss Piggy, on The New Hollywood Squares soon. Give it a couple of years and they’ll be joining Kurt Browning on tour and appearing at the Civic Centre here in Charlottetown.

You’d think with $1 million, you’d be able to avoid the Ted Danson benefits, but I guess fame is addictive.

Stay tuned: Oswald and Danny’s website is coming soon.


I walked into the Telus store on Kirkwood Drive this morning.

“Hello there, ” I said, “do you sell any of the Ericsson cell phones?”

“No, we don’t have them,” the clerk replied.

“What if I was able to get one somewhere else: would your network support it?”

“No, our agreement with Island Tel doesn’t let us activate their phones, it’s part of our agreement,” he replied.

“But what if I got one somewhere else?”

“Well, it would have to be a Telus phone.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said, heading out the door.