Another LaserJet

Readers have snapped up all of our late-summer housecleaning items quickly. I’ve received word of another LaserJet (this one a IIIsi, and this one in “fine working condition”) that’s fee to a good home. If you’re interested, drop me a line to and I’ll connect you to the seller.

Items for Free / Items for Sale

We’re have a midsummer cleaning of the World HQ and have the following items to clear out:

  • GONE HP LaserJet III laser printer. Parallel interface. About 12 years old. Paper feed needs repairing (may be helped by a solution here or not). A good solid battle tank of a printer that needs some attention. FREE.
  • SOLD Xerox XJ8C colour inkjet printer. Good working order. About 4 years old. Drivers available for Windows versions up to and including XP and 2000. $15.
  • SOLD CalComp DrawingSlate II graphics tablet. 5” by 4” drawing surface. Plugs into a PC’s DB9 serial port. Drivers available for Windows versions up to and including XP and 2000. Includes Fractal Dabbler software. UPDATE: missing a power supply. $20. $15.
If you’re interested in any of these items, please email

Meteors Raining Down

When you call CBC Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown and ask the operator to connect you to someone, you’re briefly put on hold. While you are on hold the “hold music” is CBC Radio One which, more often than not, is audio of people talking.

This morning I called CBC to talk to Mitch Cormier and while I was on hold for a brief few seconds, I heard only the phrase “meteors raining down.” Then Mitch answered the phone.

If you assembled an audio montage of these micro soundbites you would have an interesting, and perhaps terrifying product.

By the way, Mitch actually used the phrase “XML staging area” in our conversation. That was frightening.

RSS Feeds

I talked yesterday about NetNewsWire and RSS versions of websites.

To this end, I’m now making two RSS feeds of this site available:

The first is simply the current news items as they appear on this page (“this page” assumes you’re reading this in a browser, of course). The second is a reverse chronological list of the discussion from readers about items that have appeared here; this is a much easier way (I’ve found, in the 5 minutes I’ve been using it) of following these items.


Adventures in Public Relations

Speaking of Island Tel, er, Aliant, they announced their SMS messaging network today with great fanfare. Here’s a clip from their news release:

The service is being marketed to two distinct groups – to businesspeople who will likely use text messaging to ‘ease the pressure’ of demands of work and family – and to youth who are expected to use the service mainly for making social plans and staying in touch with friends.
“Hello Kenneth, it is your youth friend Wil’ chatting. I would like to make some social plans with you for the forenoon. Are you agreeable?”

“Alas William, I am not, as I have alternate social plans with my chums. It is nice to be able to ease the pressure with this technologic marvel, agree you not?”

But perhaps I judge too harshly, for the release continues:

Reports out of the UK also point to an SMS language of abbreviations catching on such as PC (please call) and BCNU (be seeing you) and a resurgence in use of the old telegram favorites such as TTFN (ta ta for now).
It is nice to see that the reports from the UK have finally reached Aliant Headquarters in Halifax; I presume they were travelling on the Royal Mail Schooner, which would explain the company’s starry-eyed amazement at this “new phenomenon.”

But I shouldn’t make such fun of my sporting partners so.