Internet on Victoria Row

As a special summertime experiment, we at Okeedokee are happy to announce the unveiling of OkeeNet: wireless access on Victoria Row. For access information, please contact Dave. Range appears to be roughly PEI Crafts Council to the western edge of Fishbones. As I type, I’m sitting the Confederation Centre Public Library on the same network, although the concrete sheel that houses it means I have to contort my body to get online. Thanks to The Buzz for joining us in play. More details later.

July 4th

Happy Independence Day to our American cousins. Much is made of the differences between Americans and Canadians; one of the most significant is that Americans do patriotism right. Here in Canada we came late to the patriotism game, and it always feels more like subscribing to some government-controlled happiness program than something truly reflective of a deep abiding spirit. American patriotism suffers from no such problem: it’s real, it’s deep, and it cuts across social and economic lines.

American Flag

July 4th is also the birthday of John Pierce, group publisher of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. John and his family will be visiting the Island next week for the first time; give them a wave when you pass them on the highway (they’ll be the ones in the Volve with the “Live Free or Die” license plates).

Dairy Queen

I think that Dairy Queen should get some sort of award for “fast food joint with the TV commercial depiction of their food least like the actual experience of eating their food.” Case in point is their current television ad featuring rivers of chocolate sauce, moist tasty brownies, lucious looking ice cream. Then you show up at the Drive Thru and are handed a depressing looking gaunt sundae the experience of which is absolutely nothing at all like swimming through a river of chocolate.

Folding Chairs and Umbrella Hats

Folding Chair One of the fringe benefits of have our neighbourhood turned into a venue for a national rock concert is that sitting in our little vestibule on Prince St. we can get our finger on the pulse of suburban tourist chic. The Big Rage this year appears to be folding camping chairs that collapse into a tubular satchel. Many families are carrying a collection of 4 or 5 of these.

Backpack baby carriers are much more popular with the tourist set than they are with Islanders (I believe we may be the only Island family to own one, or at least it seems that way). They’re all over the place this weekend.

And the family dog seems more likely to be making the trip this year, and more likely to be stored inside some sort of car carrier than in previous years. Islanders, as a rule, do not use car carriers for their dogs, so this is an easy one to spot.

Thankfully the “umbrella as hat” device seems to be on the wane, although I spotted a couple of people wearing them this morning. Alas the temporary Canadian flag tattoo and/or temporary Canadian flag face paint have suffered no such fate and are in as much evidence as ever.

More fashion news as the masses pass by our door.

Popular CBC Personalities Deported

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — In a move that has rocked the Canadian public broadcasting host and performer community, Prime Minister Jean Chretien today announced that popular CBC personalities Jonathan Torrens and Ralph Benmergui are to be immediately deported to the small Island nation of Tuvalu.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office delivered the following brief statement from the steps of Parliament Hill early this morning:

After careful consideration to the needs of everyday working Canadians, the Prime Minister decided that the quality of life for all would be significantly improved if Mr. Torrens and Mr. Benmergui simply weren’t around anymore.
Neither Torrens nor Benmergui were available for comment.