Inside a Hard Drive

I’ve been using hard disk drives for more than 30 years. It was only today, during preparation of a load of e-waste that included an old iMac, that I opened one up and looked inside it for the first time. It’s a Maxtor, from 2002.

Inside a Maxtor Hard Drive

Inside a Maxtor Hard Drive

Inside a Maxtor Hard Drive

The Island Good Bread Explosion Reaches Cape Traverse

Thanks to Laura Chapin, who mentioned it on Facebook, Oliver and I headed to Cape Traverse for lunch at The Fifth Ingredient this at.

Part of what might be called the “Island Good Bread Explosion,” a miraculous happenstance of bakeries that’s transformed the quality of bread available on this Island, this French-style bakery offers all manner of bread, pastry, pizza and sandwiches.

Oliver and I each had a tomato and cheese sandwich on a croissant, and it was top-flight, especially when eaten in their front yard, overlooking the beach.

In the summer – Father’s Day to Labour Day – they’re open Monday to Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Thursday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., meaning that it’s possible to make a Sunday afternoon of it: drive out to Cape Traverse, pick up some sandwiches, head to the beach, and perhaps pick up some pizza on the way home. Just look up the tide to find the best Sunday for your particular taste in beach.


Well, that was a horrible mistake...

What was I thinking updating my avatar to one that made me look like a foreboding, drunken, bruised, giant-nosed weirdo?

I have recanted, and removed most traces thereof, replacing it with a variation of the same photo by Alper Çuğun from 2009 that I sliced and diced two years ago.

So what was once this:

Old Avatar

is now this:

The New Avatar

Same image. Just revealing more of myself.

Maybe that’s a better metaphor than “here, let me stick my nose in your face,” no?

Ultra Selfie Avatar

Oliver and I were having coffee this afternoon and I took this photo just to see how it would look if I held it up to my face:

Me on Me

Cropped into a square and filtered through Instagram, the photo ended up like this:

New Avatar

And, as I hadn’t updated my personal avatar since 2013, I decided to try it on for size:

New Avatar on

I’m not entirely sold on it. Which is, I think, a good reason to leave it in place and see if it grows on me (and, I suppose, on y’all).